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          Honor & Qualification
          Corporate Environment

          Shaoxing Hua Li Electronics Co., Ltd is a new and high-tech enterprise which specializes in the production of etching metal products; it is the first domestic factory which adopts etching producing craft. Since establishment in 1994, the production scales of enterprise is expanding progressively according to the advanced management theory and scientific production management, the company covers an area of more than 25000 square meters now; production capacity and engineering level are in the advanced ranks domestically. The company collects many years' experience in research and development, manufacturing, regards advanced apparatus, scientific management, and high-quality technician as the foundation, adopts the high-quality material, produces the high-quality products various in style, steady, meticulous and careful quality, and wins identical favorable comment by masses of customers.

          The etching producing craft adopted by our company is suitable for the accurate processing and metal handicraft surface processing of enormous quantities, large variety, large area metal thin board, ultra thin board; the products are extensively applied to trades such as electron, machinery, optics, petroleum, chemical industry, automobile, handicraft, etc. The characteristic of the products: Can adapt to the pattern of the forms of different complicatedness, high precision.

          "Honest and keep credit, quality first, customer foremost" is a consistent management aim of our company. We would like to cooperate with all trades and professions with best apparatus, the most advanced technology, become credible, can serve the masses of customers warmly for a long time.

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